Product innovation is the kind of thing everyone talks about. We’re always hearing about about how companies are ‘innovating’, coming up with ‘innovative products’ or indulging in a bit of ‘product innovation’. But what does that actually mean? And when it comes to producing the best laptop bags on the market, how does innovation fit into that?

What does product innovation actually mean?

Let’s take a look at what this phrase innovation actually means. When we first started thinking about how and why we would innovate our laptop bags, laptop backpacks and laptop carry carry cases, first we had to look at what that would actually mean. Let’s start with the definition.

innovate – make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

Take Amazon. Its creator Jeff Bezos is the richest man in modern history. We’ve all seen Amazon grow, change, adapt and continually move. In short, it’s constantly innovating and the way it does it – and the success it garners from that – can teach us all a few lessons, as Tim Woods points out.

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How does techair innovate laptop bags?

Believe it or not, product innovation has been at the core of what we do right from the start. Back in 1998, we introduced our innovative protection system of interlocking air pockets made from the same material as Nike Air trainers. That innovation set us apart from everyone else who was still using conventional foam protection. It was the first step in what has become a journey of constant innovation when it comes to designing laptop bags.

When it comes to product innovation, we’re constantly thinking about how we can make our products better. We’ve made bags bigger, smaller, made laptop backpacks, used different material to make them eco-friendly, added pockets where they need them. We’ve also introduced new innovative products. We’ve also added locks, mice, rugged tablet cases, phone cases. Far more than just laptop bags.

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What innovative laptop bags has techair produced?

techair’s commuter range

When we were looking at what new innovative products we could introduce to help people on the hunt for the best laptop bag for their needs, we decided to look at what commuters need. Just a cheap laptop bag, right? Wrong.

When we started looking into what people who commute to work – especially on public transport – need, we realised they not only need laptop protection, and space for all their laptop accessories. They also need more space. You see, most commuters wear comfortable shoes for the journey to work and carry their smarter pair to change into. That means their laptop bag or laptop backpack needs to have enough space to carry those shoes. With that in mind, we created an innovative laptop backpack and laptop shoulder bag with a waterproof, lined separate compartment for a pair of shoes.

details matter

During some of our research into what people want from their laptop bag, we realised that the days of telling people what to put in their bag are long gone. Once upon a time a laptop bag had pockets inside especially for pens, for example. We realised that people don’t all put things in the same place. So why are we trying to tell them to? The best laptop bag is one that works for YOU, in the way that you want it to. So why not create pockets that you can use for anything with? That’s why on our …. we included big, see-through internal elastic mesh pockets so people can do just that. They can choose what to use them for, and they can use them easily.

Protective laptop bags

It’s kind of within our DNA to produce great laptop protection in the form of protective laptop bags and laptop cases. We’ve been doing it since the start but we’re still innovating. We’re already working on the next generation of our ‘protect’ range – a hard-wearing collection of laptop bags, backpacks and cases that we know will keep people’s computer and accessories safe.

The innovative new products in this range are aimed at people who work in a more rugged environment and will include higher levels of protection than an average bag – things like protective feet, riveted protection and bumpers. We’re also looking at additional security features for people who are worried about keeping everything in their bag safe – especially when it comes to backpacks.

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How does the innovation process work?

First we look at what people want from their laptop bag or case. Then we look at whether what we’re doing is providing them with the best laptop bags for the job. For some people its laptop protection, for others it’s space. Some people need cheap laptop bags and others want a more funky laptop bag. We look at how our ranges fit into those needs and what we can do make sure they do. If that means changing  or adapting a bag we already make, then we can. If it means creating entirely new innovative products, then we do that too.