Being environmentally-aware is at the top of everyone’s agenda these days. Whether you are an IT reseller or a procurement manager, you have to take account of the eco-friendly credentials of everything you’re buying. That includes laptop bags and backpacks.

More and more companies are putting sustainability and ethical issues at the heart of what they do. But at the same time, they’re proving that being environmentally-aware and ‘green’ doesn’t have to eat into your profitability.

Why buy an eco-friendly laptop bag?

We all know that plastic is an issue of concern. It may have been invented as a reusable and recyclable material but nowadays it’s cheaper to make more rather than to recycle it. That means most of it goes to landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

Buying eco-friendly laptop bags won’t fix the problem, we know that, but at least they go some way to making sure that plastic gets reused rather than thrown away.

Where can I buy eco-friendly laptop bags and cases?

Right here, of course! Okay, not just here. You can buy eco-friendly computer luggage from lots of places. But at techair we’re proud of our eco-friendly range of laptop bags and backpacks that have all the same qualities as our other products, with one big ‘green’ difference.

Our eco backpack started its life as a bespoke product for one of our customers. But once we started selling it it became so popular that we’ve now expanded our eco range, adding two new shoulder bags. For customers and resellers who want both functionality and eco-friendly attributes, these are the best laptop bags for the job.

How are techair’s eco-friendly laptop bags made?

Whether it’s a laptop backpack or laptop shoulder bag, our eco-friendly products start their lives as plastic bottles. That plastic is shredded into tiny pieces and cleaned and dried using chemicals. Once it’s clean it’s then melted down and formed into microscopic filaments or threads. In a similar way to how cotton is spun, those filaments are then strengthened into a polyester thread.

It’s that thread that is used by techair’s manufacturing partners to create bags with the same design features as the rest of our products, plus added eco-friendly credentials. On top of all of that, all the packaging on our eco range is environmentally-friendly too. Everything from the recycled plastic bag to the cardboard labels.

What laptop bags and cases are in the eco-friendly range?

Our 12-14.1” Black Eco Backpack is techair’s original eco-friendly laptop backpack. It has Lateral Protection to keep your laptop safe, zipped compartments, a padded carry handle and mesh bottle holder. It weighs just 660g so it’s nice and light too.

After we saw the popularity of the original eco-friendly laptop bag, we added two shoulder bags to the range. The slim version, which weighs just 487g, and its high capacity sibling. Both also have Lateral Protection to keep your kit safe as well as extra space for accessories – especially the high capacity version.

Are eco-friendly bags as good as standard laptop bags?

The only difference between our eco range and the rest of our bags is the material they’re made with. In every other way, they meet the same high standards as each of our laptop carry cases and backpacks. The backpacks are top-loading, making it easy to take kit in and out, and all of them have techair’s trademarked Lateral Protection to keep your laptop safe. They may be environmentally-friendly but they come with a lifetime warranty which means if there’s any kind of manufacturing defect we’ll send you a replacement. So yes, they are just as good as the best laptop bags out there, if not better.

15.6" Eco Shoulder Bag Front Side Image from Techair TAECS002

Are eco-friendly laptop bags more expensive?

We’re not going to lie, yes they are. But not ridiculously.

Our 12-14” Classic Backpack is £26.99 while our 12-14.1” Eco Backpack is £44.99. Similarly our 12-14.1” Eco Shoulder Bag is £34.99 while the classic version is £24.99.

So why are eco-friendly laptop bags and backpacks more expensive than their classic counterparts?

It’s all about the effort that goes into making them. As you can see, the processes involved in making the eco-friendly bags are a bit more complicated than the work behind the standard bags. That all comes with a cost. Equally, the numbers we sell aren’t as high as the standard ranges, so we can’t get the prices as low as them. (Of course, if you buy more that could change). So yes, our eco-friendly range is slightly more expensive. But it comes with the reward of knowing you’re not only ticking that ethical box, but actually doing your bit to help the planet. What price do you put on that?